CHOOSE your GIFT. Dine, shop or travel Stop waiting for chances. You always have a choice. MiX the things that matters to you.

Because, #YourSmileMakesUsHappy, here at MemoXpress you have the power to choose your needed and wanted freebies!

Additional MX eGift Points Promo duration: February 14 - April 15, 2020

  • Promo is open to all customers of  MemoXpress and Jr. MemoXpress store nationwide.
  • To qualify, you must purchase these participating units.
  • For every successful transaction (at any payment option),  you will be entitled to for these additional MX points listed below:
  • Additional eGift points is not applicable for Trade-in customers.
  • Offer is not convertible to cash.

We upgraded the traditional freebies, ka-MX! You can now choose your own freebies at MemoXpress! Whether to use it as a voucher on your next purchase (smartphone or accessories), food trip, shopping and even with traveling!