How to Save your Phone’s Battery Life

How long does your fully charged battery last?



A lot of possible reasons why your phone’s battery life doesn’t last longer but the main reason is, all smartphones are always online. When your phone goes online be it call and text or data, it consumes a lot power from the battery. Add it up with online apps like social media and games, your fully charged battery won’t even last half-day.

Here are some tips on how to save your phone’s battery life.

  1. Turn-off Data – when data is not in use, turn it off. You will still receive all messages when you go online.
  2. Minimize Online Gaming – it is one of the apps that drains more power from the battery.
  3. Turn down the screen brightness – unless your brightness is not set automatically, you have to lower down brightness of your screen. Brighter and always on screen also consumes a lot of power from the battery.
  4. Reduce screen timeout
  5. Turn-on power saving mode – this will definitely extend the power of your battery as it turns off unused apps in the background.
  6. Turn off Vibration – when vibration is not necessarily, minimize the use of vibration.
  7. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth – our smartphones will continuously look for available Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity when turned on. If this is the case then your phone will consume much power from the battery, causing it to drain faster than usual.

Although most of the smartphone manufacturers are creating ways to extend the power of the battery, it’s still not enough to save from getting our phone’s battery drained. Alternatively, you can also bring you a Power Bank at a cost of additional weight.