D2D MXpress Delivery

Life goes on even if we have a limited physical connection due to social distancing. The full force working, face-to-face schooling, settling payments, and so on are some things we are limited to do, but with the help of digital services, the likes of the online meetings, online payments, and transactions through the use of technology such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, little by little are moving forward.

Experience Faster Transaction

Yes! We heard you ka-MX! We know how badly we need our gadgets now. As we are always committed to giving you the VAS customer service you deserved, presenting you the MemoXpress “D2D MXpress Delivery!

2 Easy Steps to do D2D

  1. Just place your order at https://mxmemoxpress.com/. 
  2. If the unit is available at the nearest MemoXpress store with you, you will receive it right then and there! 

MemoXpress + eXpress Door-to-Door delivery = MXpress D2D delivery!