MemoXpress Cluster Party 2016

The spirit of the Christmas Season always gives a feeling of warmth, joy and love.

MX Cluster Party
MX Cluster Party

It is the time of the year when Filipinos look forward to the Christmas Celebrations once the “BER” months set in. The company has grown so big and this year the celebration of cluster parties was done by cluster/area.

The said celebrations were an opportunity for the employees to muster their confidence and show their talents in singing, dancing, acting and even hosting.

Each cluster would have their “theme” for the party to add more fun for the guests and attendees.

The different “themes” for the cluster party are:

  1. General Santos – “Gods & Goddesses”
  2. Davao – “Black & White”
  3. Head Office – “Fire & Ice”
  4. Cebu – “Denim”
  5. Cauyan – “Hawaiian”
  6. South Central Luzon “Denim”

The complete gallery of images are posted on MemoXpress Facebook Page:

The Cluster Christmas Celebration is an occasion that employees look forward to and always cherished to be remembered and shared with everyone!

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible:
Ralph Araree, MSI-ECS, Service Solutions, Oppo, Lenovo, CloudFone, DTC, TechTitan, Home Credit and LED Management.

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