BERy Colorful MXgiftmas Palangga

MemoXpress covered with love and security the home of the most loving, kind-hearted, and soft-spoken Filipinos who are known as the Ilonggos; the ‘City of Love’ Iloilo.

With the objective of tightening the bond and igniting the relationship we built since day one of MemoXpress at Iloilo by giving away exclusive activities and offers that will surely make you feel loved by MemoXpress, wherever you are.


MX Loves Iloilo #YourSmileMakesUsHappy

#MXLovesIloilo is reminding us of the very root of MemoXpress’ nature and culture as a huge reflection of being a Filipino at born and at heart.

“Mahirap ang preparation but when you see people enjoying what they are doing, fulfilling.”

Seeing you more than satisfied with our offers and services triggers us to give more and give back to you, ka-MX utilizing the team’s creativity we’ve collided with the idea of ‘Hit da Kwan’ and ‘Scan Mo Ini’ where everyone –buyers and non-buyers can participate, enjoy and win exclusive promos and prices.

“Fulfilling. Personally, di ko in-expect na ganun sila ka-bibo knowing that it is only PHP100.00 worth vaucher. Big thing pala yun. Walang maliit , walang malaki basta napasaya mo yung customer.”

This proves that we, being one of the happiest people in the world. We don’t define happiness by the things we have or the things we can get from something. What really matters is the ‘feeling’. As long as we feel loved and wanted, we will stay. 


Go! Grow and Grow!

Started with one branch at Iloilo way back 2008, which later grew bigger and better. Now, a pioneering smartphone dealer that stands out with more than 10 stores in a space.

Go! Grow and Grow! Started at 1, look at us now. We have Jr. MX GT Mall Pavia, Jr. MX Savemore Jaro,  MX Robinson Iloilo, MX Robinson Jaro, MX Robinson Pavia, MX SM Delgado, and MX SM Iloilo. 


Our dearest ka-MX from Iloilo and nationwide, we will unstoppably give you the best services you need because #YourSmileMakesUsHappy!

Madamo gid nga salamat mga Ilonggos or Iloilo sa pag padayon nga suporta sa MemoXpress!