Hello, October!

"Wake me up when September ends." 

OND Season! Yey!

Oops, wait! I hear you asking, “What’s OND?” It’s October, November, and December! *blink*

Christmas is fast approaching, right? We are now in the last quarter of the year. Lots have changed. Really!

We may feel crumpled and bent, but still, we are doing our bests. What really matters today aside from our own health -physically and mentally is to keep on track, to follow and adapt to the new normal, and to survive. 


This October 1st, I just want you to know that as doors closing, soon, another door will openly welcome you. It’s not wrong to think of the not-so-good things that happened in your life. On the contrary, it is important that you acknowledge and accept it all. It will become your guide as you move along and by the time that you get back your feet together, fight again –may it be for the second, third, fourth, and so on– with stronger weapons and better plans every time. 

As we start this quarter today, MemoXpress takes another step to finally open a door with a room full of fun, adventure, and surprises; a room that makes you feel at home and makes you feel yourself. 

We got this. We got you! *finger heart*