#MXtraFun Mobile Videography on MXTV!

With MXTV, we can talk about everything under the sun for it is divided into 4 categories which are:  All About the Brands, MXtra, MX Originals, and MX Hitlist with MIKEEwento. 

Time flies so fast! Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we like filming and recording things in our lives -birthdays, anniversaries, fun moments, and many more events especially now that we have our smartphones with us, plus, we all know that vlogging can also be your career in the near future. 

Yesterday, the MXTV, hosted by Mikee released an MXtraFun episode featuring basic mobile videography. I know lots of smartphones are coming into your mind, but this time let’s see what OPPO Reno 4 can do with the help of one of the Learning Hub Product Demonstrators, Romel, who is very passionate when it comes to his craft, mobile videography.

You can watch it and our past videos here, over and over again! 

Worry no more in compiling your travel or occasion photos and videos, the presence of SOLOOP Smart Video Editor on the phone is a big help for it can create a cinematic video with background music on the list. 

If you want to know more about Mobile Videography, you can approach our PDs at the nearest MemoXpress stores with you, watch out for our Learning Hub webinars or you can directly seek help from Romel

Tried mobile videography? Let us know!

If you want us to do and talk about what you love, just comment it below and watch it on our next episode!