Huawei Sales Rally


February 27, 2020, Huawei hosted a Sales Rally happened at Max’s Restaurant Scout Tuazon, Quezon City to strengthen its brand and its bond with MemoXpress. 

Huawei Strengthen its Brand with AppGallery

Ms. Cherry Tokong –Huawei’s National Key Account Manager opened the program by welcoming everyone for attending to their invitation leaving these words:

” Enjoy…and share whatever you have learned today not only to stores but also with other colleagues na kilala nyo para ma-enhance yung knowledge nila.” She also encouraged MemoXpress to ‘push’ the product for it has really good things to offer; to ponder more about what it has and not what was lacking. 

Huawei's AppGallery


It is not a secret how Google affects Huawei’s sell-out, that’s why they’re now filling the gap as they focus on strengthening the AppGallery which is actually the third-largest application platform globally.

AppGallery is no-stranger to avid Huawei users. You can see this at any Huawei smartphone and used it as an alternative application downloader with the latest Huawei smartphones. It is as easy as how you use Google Playstore, just create Huawei ID to download and use your favorite apps.

What if the app is not available on AppGallery?
Easy! Just go to Huawei browser, type your chosen and wanted app (e.g Instagram), type Instagram apk, then third-party applications will appear on your screen. You may now download it and install on your phone. 

Note: All applications to be downloaded at Huawei browser should have the word ‘apk’ 

Can applications be updated? 
Yes, applications can be updated regardless of where you downloaded the app as long as it is installed on your phone. 

Are my credentials secured? 
Yes, it is secured because of EMUI 10. Also, Huawei had undergone and passed the International Security Privacy Standard. 

“I need my Gmail and other Google Account”
No worries! We always got you! At MemoXpress, we will help you on how to download and install every Google accounts you need. 

Another thing that makes AppGallery good for you, every time you download top apps, you will be entitled to have Huawei points where you can get different rewards at Huawei Member Center. 

They also highlighted the powerful specifications and the edge of Huawei Matebook D15 to the market so as their newest launch smartphone, Huawei Y7P.

Fun activities and exciting giveaways are given to the attendees who won the raffle and games made by Huawei. 


Mr. Jeff Wong, MemoXpress Company Consultant closed the program marking his words “… with technological innovation, our lifestyle will change, everything will change. Everything will be synchronized, our watch, our cellphone, our TV, our speaker in the house, our laptop … Possibility is a lot, beyond our imagination. “