BERy Colorful MXmas Exhibit

SUMAli KA, kabarangay! #YourSmileMakesUsHappy

‘Look at where we are; look at where we started.

Unfolded one store and now we’re continuously growing over the years with more than 300 stores nationwide. Imagine a 21derful year existence of MemoXpress here at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall — our first-ever mall-based MX store. 

Sustaining the bond and igniting the customer-consumer ‘family-like’ relationship we have, MemoXpress is giving you a month-long event in which you, our dearest Antipolonians ka-MX will surely be wowed and surprised.  

MemoXpress Sta. Lucia Grand East
MemoXpress Sta. Lucia Grand East

“SUMAli KA, kabarangay!” is one of MemoXpress way to give back to you, our dearest ka-MX from Antipolo, Rizal. 

Thousands of smiles and surprises are given away at SUMAli KA, kabarangay program. Its time for us to color your dreams and make it a reality by giving away Smartphones, Kris Kringle gifts, Noche Buena Package, Lydia’s Lechon, Flat Screen TVs and Siargao escapade for 2


We already crossed the roads of City Mall Antipolo, Teresa Rizal, and Antipolo Public Market for you ka-MX. We’re not yet done here! Takedown now your Christmas list now as we visit your respective barangays. Stay tuned for our announcements, ka-MX!

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