World Superpowers Smartphones of 2020

“It is clear that some are nowhere near as powerful as others.”

Last October 29, 2020, the list (in no particular order) of the World Superpowers smartphones has been revealed via MXTV’s MX Hitlist with Mikeewento and you might be asking, What is this “World Superpowers Smartphones” all about and why does it title that way? So here it is! 

World Superpowers Smartphones are the most loved high-end smartphones of MemoXpress ranging from PHP25,000 and up. Before, it was entitled World Class smartphone because of the varieties of brands making it to the list but now, it is entitled World Superpowers because amongst the brands MemoXpress carries, only 4 brands have made it to the list embodying the 4 elements of nature – Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. 

Now, here’s the most awaited ranking of the World Superpowers Smartphones of MemoXpress this 2020. Given the description of each element that was perfectly fitted to the brands: Raging Samsung, Huawei on Fire, Breathtaking Vivo, and  Groundbreaking iPhone. Do I need to say more about it? Okay, let’s do this! 


Every time the iPhone releases something, the ground seems to break and the market seems shakin’ for the people are going crazy about having what’s new in iPhone. 3 units of iPhone made it to the list, they are iPhone XS Max (#10), iPhone SE (#9), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (#4). 

As they say, “every unit counts” that’s why Vivo’s top contender, Vivo X50 (#8) breathtakingly moving photography and videography to the next level. 

On the other side of the elements, Samsung rages its consumer’s hearts targeting their passions and styles using Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (#5), Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (#3), and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (#2). 

For this last brand, they’ve been through lots of ups and downs aside from the pandemic, but still, they are here! Burning the competition with their newest flagship phones Huawei P40 Pro (#7) and Huawei P40 (#6), and last but not the least, named as the forbidden fruit of the tech world, Huawei’s on fire with the World Superpowers Smartphones’ Top 1, Huawei Mate 30 Pro!

Who do you think will continue its legacy next year 2021 here on MX Hitlist High-end edition?